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EVEN If You Have Little Or No Experience?

How Would You Like To Be Personally Mentored By One Of Singapore's Youngest Most Successful Financial Associate?

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We are looking for highly motivated individuals who would like to join Fort Financial. If you aspire to take charge & lead a team of your own, we can make it happen in 18 months. Fort Financial Management Programme.

Management Programme

The MP is specially crafted out by past and present leaders who are now part of the senior management team. The MP is a fast-tracked leadership development programme specially tailored to groom highly driven individuals to be the next generation of leaders in the financial industry.

Acquire massive exposure to the finance industry. Receive direct mentoring from our senior management team & to have 1st hand experience learning not just technical but soft skills to push your personal growth to the NEXT level.

Dedicated to provide financial planning with respect, integrity & professionalism, our business is largely people-centric and we believe that every individual is a contribution to our cause. We believe in going above & beyond merely solving our client’s financial needs through collaborations and campaigns with our partners.

Who Are We?

We understand that everyone loves work - life balance. Here at Fort Financial Management we work REALLY hard BUT we play EVEN HARDER. If you enjoy traveling, you will definitely enjoy traveling for FREE. Yup, you read it correctly! Accommodation, air tickets, food are all fully paid for. In Fort Financial, we heavily reward individuals for their hard-work. 

The Life in Fort Financial

"In just 3 months into joining Josh's team, I was earning a stable $6,000+ each month, to comfortably pay for my school fees and to repay my parents. Even my peers who graduated from university the same time as me wasn't earning as much. Plus, I didn't have much experience nor knowledge, but Joshua's coaching has propelled me forward tremendously not just career wise but also my personal growth - I've gained life skills and matured so much as an individual that my peers couldn't believe how much I've changed for the better. Honestly, having achieved all this at age 24, I'll consider myself to be successful.

But finding passion and enjoying my work is most important to me. I've often heard of how my friends hate their jobs or are waiting for their chance to quit for a better opportunity... but in Josh's team, you'll never find that kind of sentiments in Josh's team, simply because everyone are striving towards the same goal with the same kind of drive and spirit that pushes one another in achieving results that almost defy our own beliefs. And today, I am happy to have made my mentor Joshua proud as one of the youngest Financial Services Manager in Fort Financial representing AXA."

Terence Ng, 24

Financial Services Manager

Melody Tan, 22

Agency Development Manager

"I've been a piano teacher over the past 6 years as i have a DipABRSM and graduated from School of the Arts. As most would think, teaching can be an extremely stable, sustainable, lifetime job. Most people wouldn't understand how I feel unless they experience how stagnant it actually is.  As the only child, i was also well aware that i would have to one day be responsible for taking care of my parents through their retirement on my own. With that in mind, i decided to take that leap of faith.

The one thing that drew me to this career, is the fact that i can get rewarded for every bit of sincere hard work put in for every person i meet. Having met Joshua and his team has taught me the fact that nothing is unattainable as long as you put in your 100% effort and soul into it.

The determination, the right skill sets, having the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life is not something that just any ordinary career can offer. Never have i once turned back to question my decision joining Joshua. He taught me many invaluable techniques that you won't be able to learn from those so-called experts."

Society's Mentality

Now... I understand that some of you graduates out there are searching for "THAT JOB" that pays you what you feel is justifiable for the 15-18 years and thousands of money you've spent on your education..

I know because I've been in your shoes before - slogging the long hours just to scrape through the exams... burning midnight oils for projects that I couldn't care less about... and even working doubly hard for modules that I've failed previously. And honestly, I was expecting a good $3-4K upon graduation.

But let me tell you this:

It's AIN'T gonna happen,

Look, the employers probably have interviewed lots of equally highly qualified candidates before you, and they know for a fact that millennials won't stay long at their jobs (let's be honest, everyone is just eager to build up quick experiences and job hop to the next for a better pay)... so why would any manager or boss want to invest their time, heart and soul into mentoring you, if you're just going to be yet "another executive" to temporarily fill up the position till the next one comes to take over when you leave (let alone even consider giving you a pay raise or bonus)?

So you'll probably end up with a starting pay of $2.2K (maybe $2.8 if you're lucky), slog longer hours at the "reputable company" just to get 1-2 years experience, and then maybe job hop to another with a "better resume" for a slightly higher pay of $300+/- more.

But the truth is that you'll just be going in spirals and "get stuck" financially and career wise in the same spot when you look back every year. (Most of my friends are experiencing this. And I'm sure your seniors probably are too.) Which is also exactly the reason why countless graduates can't progress fast enough in their career to start earning the kind of money they desire to live the lifestyle they want.

Listen... if that's what you truly want - to accelerate your career growth and get the kind of wealth that your peers can only dream of (and I'm talking about achieving all these within the next 2-3 years)... and if you have the hunger to grow and become one of the top in the finance industry...

Then you definitely don't want to miss out on this opportunity to get explosive growth for your career and wealth when you join my team. Here's what you can expect:

My Promise To You

Become part of the top leading unit, working with people that are hungry for success & driven by growth. These will be the people who you grind with day in day out, to achieve tip top results.

I strongly believe in investing in my team... That means you obviously. I want you to grow to your fullest potential and be successful. I believe in empowering people to allow them to be the best they can be. I will invest time to personally mentor & support my team, to enable them to achieve what they desire to achieve.

Enjoy lucrative growth path once you are grounded in the foundations and become good in what you do & prove yourself worthy. Whether is it to be a manager within 1-2 years or run your own team, the path will naturally open up for you. In fact, I can GUARANTEE that you will become one of the rising stars in our industry. I've mentored and coached many people. Those who put in effort & commitment and followed the path have ALL became someone worthy of respect. (Of course those who didn't, didn't.)

Awards & Achievements

What You Need To Have

Good working attitude & good learning attitude. Being open to changes & having the courage to step out of your comfort zone.

Be results oriented. It's all about working towards the END GAME

Be interested in long-term (2 - 5 years) working arrangement with us. We'll invest in you, train and coach you, etc. 

Be ambitious. I'm looking for people who wants to be one of the top in their game

Strong interest in persuasion skills & personal growth is an added bonus


-Diploma or Degree in Business/Finance/Economics/Marketing/Communications or equivalent 1-2 years experience in relevant field of study

-Fresh grads who are willing to learn are welcomed

-21 years old & above

-Strong communication skills and ability to perform under stress and tight deadlines

This Job Is
For Me!

Where Are We Located

8 Shenton Way, #15-01 AXA Tower, Singapore 068811

email me your resume to be shortlisted, Subject: [Attention to Joshua]